Half A Mind

 A dark, scientific thriller, direct from the pages of today's medical research

A celebrated physician develops a device that can block neural activity in specific regions of the human brain, thus stimulating its natural ability to reorganize. But over time, the resulting adaptation becomes exaggerated, then all-consuming. Now, a serial killer, who exposed himself to the brain-altering effects of this device, is using it for his own purposes. When the St. Louis-based Ruger-Phillips company assigns one of their new hires, psychologist Sam Price, to a seemingly straightforward assessment of this technology, no one expects trouble. The reality of the situation, however, proves much different. Sam and his inexperienced team are plunged into a world where they will have to use everything they know to find the truth in a tangle of inconsistencies, constantly shifting circumstances, and death. As they come closer to understanding the device and what it has done, they start to wonder – is there any chance they will be able to convince anyone of a truth they can hardly believe themselves?

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