Retroscape of a Future Mind

Is there any escape from the perfect storm of society’s desires and technology’s lure?

In 2065 St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Sam “Doc” Price finds his life-long friend, Rick Johnson, dead in his home.  But nothing about his death makes sense to Doc or his wife, Nicole Veles-Price.  And when authorities close the case, due to the lack of evidence of foul play, Doc starts to recreate a landscape of his and Rick’s friendship, a retroscape, looking for landmarks that might explain such a needlessly violent and lonely death in a world where such actions are unimaginable.  Along the way, Doc recounts:

·       Some of the early failures of machine intelligence and its ultimate rise, altering forever the world of work and our self-images;

·       Revolutions in transportation and commerce that reshape the nature of home and the sense of community;

·       An infectious disease that renders its victims listless, even self-destructive, while its spread tears at the very fabric of family life; and

·       A rise of artificially intelligent companions, entities that humans start to turn to for acceptance, friendship, and even self-identity.
In the end, Doc and Nicole trace the death of their friend to the intersection of virtually irresistible societal predispositions and the unwavering pull of technological advancement.  But when it becomes clear that those same forces are affecting all of humanity, they question if anyone will escape Rick’s fate.
Retroscape of a Future Mind is book #3 in the Mind Sleuth Series.  Like all other books in this series, it is standalone and may be read in any order.  A handful of pages tie the events in this book to the ongoing story of Dr. Sam “Doc” Price and Ms. Nicole Veles, who rely on their wits and scientific backgrounds to unravel psychological and technological mysteries. 

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